Constellations (live extended version)

by Shea Freedom



Recorded Live @ Blackhole Sound Studios in Lakewood, CO
Lyrics & music: Shea Freedom
Live single release 2017


Do you look at constellations and when was the last time?
Would you rather have your reasons, or a simple rhyme?
Would you rather spend your time making memories
or have your time bought chasing somebody else's dream
do you know what I mean

These are the questions i ask myself
when I'm not being questioned by no body else
cause it seems to me, my life seems to be
a grenade pulled pin, switching hands
i'm switching lanes
a boy becoming a man
gotta change my ways
so i change my ways

So i look at constellations like all of the time
and i've never had a reason for these simple rhymes.
and i never let no body buy my time cause it's mine all mine.

Sing Loud, stay humble humble


released March 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Shea Freedom Los Angeles, California

"In what lead singer and guitarist Shea Freedom is calling “folk-hop,” Freedom layers fast-paced rhymes and sung choruses over a folky base of acoustic instrumentation..." ~The Aspen Times


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